Project Name: Wave
Date: May 2018
Place: Lecce, Casa Circondariale
Customer: Archistart
Type of Project: International Design Competition

A modular structure, entirely produced with wooden material, easy to assemble, transportable and economic to be placed inside the multipurpose room of the district house of Lecce.
The proposal of the Wave partition, is able to divide the space but at the same time to create a sort of contact and dialogue, thanks to the idea of ​​developing a “double” wall. Side A, it’s a wall, destined to welcome, as an element of interaction between citizens and prisoners, messages, photos, memories, drawings, objects and thoughts; the wall B instead is the main decorative element, composed of thin wooden shelves arranged horizontally, which recreate the idea of ​​a wave.
The heart of the proposal is the strong appeal to the sense of freedom and eternity that the only infinite expanse of the sea ​​manages to give, to arouse; the water element that is interpreted through the wave as its own instrument of maximum dynamism, able to “free” a strength and an energy without comparison.