Project Name: Sport Railway
Date: March 2015
Location: Perarolo di Cadore, Italy
Client: IUAV University of Venice
Type of Project: Design Laboratory

The theme of the project is the reconversion of a currently disused railway section.
A linear intervention that has as its main theme the tourist implementation of the area through the strengthening of soft mobility networks as well as the recovery of abandoned buildings.
The area is well connected and close to places of international importance such as Cortina, so the intervention is it is part of an already consolidated and attractive tourist circuit.
Consider also the numerous potentials of this territory both sporting and natural culture, it was decided to structure the project on 4 themes of intervention:
– the access, through the recovery of the Perarolo station and the reconversion of a building abandoned in a hub for bike sharing;
– the distance, a theme grafted onto the disused railway section, it was decided to intervene on the structures adjacent to the railway line and the enhancement of the various tunnels of the railway section;
– the stop, this aspect sees the inclusion of a panoramic tower on which it is possible to climb and completely wooden structures that can accommodate tourists and sportsmen for short stays;
– the view, integrating the existing paths with the railway line, leads directly to the Calalzo lake where it is you can admire one of the most fascinating views of the area.
It is a project that aims to recover the elements of the railway line, developing and activating a sustainable and sporting tourism able to enhance the territory.