Project Name: Skilift
Date: June 2013
Place: Monte Grappa, Italy
Client: IUAV University of Venice
Type of Project: Design Laboratory

Skilift was born from the idea of ​​reusing an old area with attached ski resort abandoned in the area of ​​Monte Grappa. The intervention consists in the recovery of the old pylons of the plant and in the insertion of a refreshment point, using containers also abandoned along the area. The container has been chosen as easily transportable as well as being an element that allows it to be imagine multiple mounting solutions. From the refreshment point there is the possibility, through a path specially created, to visit the suspended forms. The idea of ​​proposing small structures that is relate with nature was born reflecting on the relationship that binds the individual to the environment, sensitizing and bringing children, adults and the elderly closer to nature.
The exhibition complex consists of a footbridge that connects four small volumes, which they have protruding windows that help the individual to focus the works of Land Art.