Project Name: #riscopriamo_pescaradeltronto
Date: April 2018
Location: Pescara Del Tronto, Italy
Client: Order of Architects PPC of Ascoli Piceno
Type of Project: National Competition of Ideas

Pescara del Tronto, the village located in the upper valley of the river Tronto, no longer exists today.
The earthquakes of August 24th and October 30th 2016 have completely destroyed it, only the ruins remain.
“A small oasis of peace and tranquility”, this is described by the few inhabitants left in the houses in wood downstream, in which many families spent their summer holidays.
The bodies responsible for the development lines for the earthquake zone interventions have established, for reasons related to the nature of the soil and its geological criticalities, that this Apennine village does not it could be more rebuilt where it once stood.
We have been asked to identify a possible path to be taken to enhance and keep alive the urban identity of Pescara del Tronto; an identity consisting of “material and cognitive sediments” that the qualification as territory.
Just as the earthquake has redrawn the geography of this portion of the Apennines, the intervention from us proposed “redesign” the village, preserving the spaces, the encumbrance, the walls, the alleys.
A feasible project, as well as a credible alternative to reconstruction, which aims to guarantee the future of this fraction through the valorization of the destroyed building.
A development path focused on respecting what is left. A clear thematic line that could make Pescara del Tronto a model to follow, as well as a point of reference for the interventions in all those areas affected by earthquakes that can no longer be rebuilt.