Project Name: Ort’Avventura
Date: September 2017
Location: Tricarico, Basilicata, Italy
Prepared for: Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism – Directorate General for Art and Contemporary Architecture and Urban Peripheries and the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservatories
Type of Project: Competition of ideas for the redevelopment of 10 peripheral urban areas

Tricarico, “barycentric limit between Potenza and Matera”, is a city as it is called co-existential. In project, the vast concept of co-existentiality has been reinterpreted as a vector through which it is they make up the differences, creating a new one; at the planning level, the vector of the recovery of the autochthonous Orti Saraceni is integrated with planning, the prerequisites for a renewed economic driver able to create a new diversity.
The project is based on two main pillars:
1) The realization and the arrangement of the gardens and gardens following the “lines” dictated by those existing, creating a coherent and respectful patchwork of the genius loci and cognitive sediments own and unique materials of the city of Tricarico;
2) The design of an adventure park that sets the entire area in motion (which acts as a propeller economic) in such a way that all the interventions are sustainable in the first place, but also durable and farsighted.