Project Name: MuSt
Date: March 2018
Place: Ostellato, Italy
Customer: Gal Delta 2000
Type of Project: Design Competition

The project involves the construction of an element made of COR-TEN steel, to be placed in the yards or areas immediately outside the stations, areas owned by the state or RFI.
The general criteria that have defined the design, on the one hand have been oriented to rationalize and standardize the materials and components to be used, trying to reduce them to a minimum number, on the other hand they are the result of a reflection on the ways and the criteria to realize a structure that has a high standard of quality, technology and that could coexist with the typical architecture of the stations rural railways. Through the proposed design element, we wanted to imagine a network, extended to all 17 municipalities included in the Leader area, capable of integrating various information from several partners. Information provided through a modern and technological info-point, able to link all those who want to join the project: the municipalities, commercial operators, of the catering, operators in the tourism sector and all sites of historical, monumental and cultural interest present within the Leader area (museums, parks and reserves, etc.).
The idea is to make the MuSt a strategic and neuralgic point of the territory, as well as a reference point authoritative and accredited for both citizens and tourists.