Project Name: MuMo
Date: January 2018
Place: Ostellato, Italy
Customer: Gal Delta 2000
Type of Project: Design Competition

In order to respond to the request to qualify products widespread in the area, it was decided to work reasoning in an alternative, unconventional way. Also driven by a limited budget for the realization of the work, made available by the European agricultural fund for rural development, it is believed that the best thing was to think of an intervention that could be replicable, a temporal cadences, also in the other widespread articles in the territory of the LEADER area of ​​the Emilian Delta – Romagna. The proposal is a traveling museum: the MuMo, or Mobile Museum.
A modular structure, easily assembled and transportable, to be placed outside the building identified, in which the main services will be located: a small bar and an info-point.
Panels will be installed inside the existing building, chosen as the headquarters of the MuMo exhibitors and interactive elements that are also specially designed, easy to assemble and transportable, which will be set up according to the chosen theme.
A mobile, traveling, light, dynamic work that can qualify every week, every two weeks, every month, whenever you want, a different building or artifact.