Location: Abano Terme (Italy)
Date: August 2017
Client: Hotel Terme Venezia
Type of Project: Desk wellness center
External collaborator: Gigliola Ranzato

The new desk created for the Hotel Terme Venezia in Abano Terme is perfectly integrated with the philosophy of the Hotel and the environment of the SPA. The wellness center is divided into different areas, each used for a different function (thermal grotto, whirlpool, salt room, sauna and Turkish bath), all well connected. The customer entering the SPA is welcomed in the main area of the wellness center where it is possible to find the desk where you can book and request detailed information about the different activities and services that the Hotel Terme offers to different customers. Gold is the color of the desk that recalls the hotel leitmotiv. Gold, like the color of the sun, of light, of purity, of happiness and fantasy, of warmth, tonicity and harmony.