Project Name: Hill Parco
Date: October 2017
Place: Gubbio, Italy
Prepared for: Rotary Club Gubbio in collaboration with the Municipality of Gubbio and with the patronage of Umbria Region, Province of Perugia, LAG Local Action Group Alta Umbria, Cassa Foundation of Saving of Perugia, Order of Architects P.P.C. of Perugia
Type of Project: Competition of ideas

The project is proposed as an answer to the need of the administration of Gubbio to recover the void urban area between via Leonardo da Vinci, Viale Parruccini and Via Rousseau.
The whole work has been set not only as the elaboration of a “product”, but as a system creative and articulated, able to satisfy every criterion of usability, social aggregation, design urban and resilience, all with an eye always on sustainable urban development.
The project area, compared to the road level, is at a lower level and therefore it was possible “play” with the dimensions of the land by making small hills.
In this way it was possible to best combine two of the main requirements of the call for proposals: environmental sustainability and visual cones towards the Roman theater and the historical city. All floors, from those of the pedestrian path to those of parking up to the stalls for cars, are almost totally permeable. In a scenario of climate change, such as the one in which we live, where rainfall is less and less frequent but increasingly intense, a series of precautions were deliberately studied for cope with the sudden “water bombs”.
Other areas, on the contrary, have been made totally impermeable in order to collect, stow and reuse stormwater according to the principles of stormwater management, by studying specifics shapes, dimensions and characteristics of the manufactured articles. The goal is to imitate the site’s hydrological system before the existence of the current waterproofing.