Project Name: Green Start-Up
Date: January 2015
Place: Lisbon, Portugal
Prepared for: Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa
Type of Project: Design Laboratory, European Master in Planning and Policies for Cities Environment and Landscape

The study area is the Belém district, in particular the part between Rua de Junqueira to the north and the waterfront of the Tejo river to the south. This neighborhood, at the end of the nineteenth century, suffered a fort growth process above all from the building point of view. An untidy growth, which did not foresee careful planning of the areas, for this reason, today, is presented as a set of small green spaces especially in the south area near the waterfront and old houses, mostly abandoned or uninhabited, in the north area that runs along Rua de Junqueira.
The work was divided into a first phase of study and analysis of the entire area in order to frame the problems and potential. The second phase was that of drafting the proposal design.
The direction taken was that of a resilient neighborhood, given that it is an area within walking distance from the embankment of the largest river in the city (now at the mouth with the ocean), which knows how to respond to climate change issues. In this regard, the remaking of the whole was envisaged road paving with permeable materials and with flower beds that encourage water collection meteorological conditions without these creating problems of flooding.
However, in addition to this we wanted to focus on the lack of facilities for young people within the district designing an architecture, to be placed at the center of the only present square, which acts as an aggregation point.
Despite being positioned at the center, it does not break the continuity of passage of the square because it is completely crossing both inside and outside through the green roof specifically thought to be crossed diagonally and to be used as a staging point in most periods hot, to read a book or to spend free time.