Project Name: Green brick
Date: September 2017
Place: Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Prepared for: City of Florence
Type of Project: Ideas Competition | Call to the Arts #Florencecalling

The key principle on which the design idea is based is modularity. Modularity understood as an exceptional passive instrument in the hands of any administration that wants or must necessarily address the issues related to the terrorist phenomenon.
The project is, in reality, a starting point on which to shape (for each specific place) the solution better and suitable for the context in which you are operating.
The reference on which the design idea has been set is the famous “brick” of the LEGO, brick that with its particular shape is able to “build” almost anything.
The brick is our standard form.
Composed of 3 sections: two volumes (size 41cm x 41cm x 43cm) completely filled with cement Portland constitute the “heavy heart” of the form, separated by a central vase that will host the planting of plant species (tree and other) typical of the place where it will be placed.
Il Mattoncino Verde guarantees maximum security and protection of sensitive places by equipping the city, at the same time, a unique piece of urban furniture.
The element created does not in any way compete with the surrounding urban environment, not it hinders the vision of historical monuments but contributes to making the places more welcoming and green which will be fixed.
The versatility of the module designed allows us to use it not only for anti-terrorist purposes, but for redesign city spaces: stack them on top of each other, developing height of the green towers, or composing them in a geometric way to create new “green urban rooms”.