Project Name: C-Learn
Date: January 2018
Place: Milan, Italy
Client: VolumeZero Architecture competition
Type of Project: Competition of ideas

C-Learn comes from the idea of ​​creating a multipurpose public space by reusing the container more used in the world: the container. We are in Italy, Milan, in a green triangle of public space extremely well-known thanks to the presence of world-class buildings among which the Bosco stands out Vertical, the new Piazza Gae Aulenti with the Unicredit Tower and Unicredit Pavillion. This area, where the most of the new buildings develop over 70m in height, has led us to seek one original and alternative solution. The intervention develops both below and above the altitude of the land. In this way we managed to create a double public space: one under the ground, delimited by the dimensions of containers, for recreational and recreational purposes especially for children and one above ground, “Designed” by the careful arrangement of the containers. This assembly mode allowed us to obtain the maximum functionality of the interior spaces without upsetting the classic rectangular structure of the container. The outer envelope follows the chromatic tones of the surrounding area thanks to the surfaces completely mirrored; an arrangement that allows the intervention to be replicated in each place, respecting every time both the landscape and the surrounding environment.