Project Name: C-Farm
Date: June 2017
Place: Essaouira, Morocco
Prepared for: Timesis, Timesis Afrique
Type of Project: Assignment of assignment, drafting of a preliminary project for an agritouristic village

C-Farm was born from the idea of ​​creating a widespread hotel without invasive intervention on the territory. The sense of freedom that this area offers has led us to “dare” in the search for a solution original, alternative to traditional bungalows, wooden houses, etc.
Our attention has turned to containers, proposing a solution that reuses one of the containers most used in the world for the transport of goods. In the planning phase, great care has been given to the sustainability of the chosen materials and to energy efficiency. Everything has been studied so be compact and unique, taking advantage of all the advantages that this solution offers: from modularity to assembly speed, from the supporting structure strongly resistant to the easy availability.
The “standard module” has been carefully studied both internally and externally, to derive the latter maximum functionality of the spaces, which have been furnished with elegance and sobriety, respecting time same the landscape and the surrounding environment. Likewise, the outer envelope also follows the shades colors of the surrounding area. There does not seem to be any discontinuity between the container units and the landscape itself. However, our gaze is also aimed at the future, this solution has allowed us to reduce land use almost to zero. Thinking even beyond the 40 years of the concession is an aspect to the which one wanted to give great importance, the possibility of restoring the places as originally is part of it integral part of the project. The reuse of maritime shipping containers for housing purposes is a clear example of sustainable and reversible architecture through the reuse of existing elements.
Reversibility and sustainability will be the key words of our project.